New Luna token down -90%: A new descent into hell?

While we have seen one of the greatest descents into hell with the Terra Luna a few weeks ago, going from the top 10 to the trap. Luna did not abandon ship, however, and offered a brand new token called Luna.

We had seen in a previous article what its usefulness was and the difference between the old token of this blockchainlet’s see now, with a little more hindsight, the reception that this token has had with the crypto community.

The Luna token: Another failure?

While this new token (LUNA) had a rather positive reception when it was released, its market cap has only been falling steadily since. Which raises a fundamental question for the future of this blockchain, what new token will he change the situation and thus relaunch Terra Luna?

If we take the prices of the Bybit exchange when it was launched, the value of the token was 0.5 dollars and its value went up to $30 in the first hour of listing !

Which is almost an x100 in less than an hour. Something to please the various investors who were on the spot. However, only 11 days after this meteoric rise, the token saw its value fall by more than 85% when reaching 3.5 dollars.

This sentence written by an Internet user sums up our current thinking well: “The fact that people have fallen twice for the same program is very worrying to say the least”.

Indeed, even if this may seem worrying for some investors who have lost large sums, it is perhaps more judicious to turn the page and focus on other projects who hold the road.

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