New technology allows SNCF to save energy on its lines in Ariège

The SNCF also seeks to save energy. In Ariège, it is testing a technological innovation. The start & stop makes it possible to cut the power supply to the lines when no train is running. Explanations.

Individuals and companies. Communities and public services. Everyone tracks down the slightest waste of energy. On the Ariège line (between Toulouse and Latour-de-Carol) the SNCF is testing an innovative system that allows the disconnection of small stations during periods without traffic.

Clearly, it is a question of cutting off the power supply to the line when it is not running any trains. A common situation in rural departments such as Ariège.

This “start & stop” method is similar to that used on our cars. When we are stationary the engine cuts out, when we are moving it lights up.

This technological innovation tested in Ariège can only be used on lines with low traffic density. Turning off the power to a station is not as simple as pressing a switch “ warns SNCF Réseau.

But in a context of energy crisis and climate change all energy savings are good to take.

For the Saverdun station alone, 40 to 50 megawatt hours per year will thus be saved, which is the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 10 French households.

Another advantage of this system: to reduce the noise pollution generated by our substations“says SNCF Réseau.

This process will be tested for 6 months. If it is conclusive, it will be deployed on a maximum of lines with low traffic density by 2023.

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