New technology breaks throughput record by going twice as fast as the global internet

New technology breaks throughput record by going twice as fast as the global internet

Danish and Swedish researchers have set a record in the field of data transmission.

Researchers always want to push the boundaries. Indeed, the collaboration of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has made it possible to establish a record. Thanks to a laser and an optical chip, the researchers managed to send data at the speed of 1.84 petabits per second. If this word is unknown to you, it represents 1 million gigabits. According to the DTU, this is twice as fast as the entire global internet.

A new technology to reduce the carbon footprint

As the DTU explains: “TAll colors are fixed at a specific frequency distance from each other – just like the teeth of a comb – that’s why it’s called a frequency comb. Each color (or frequency) can then be isolated and used to print data. The frequencies can then be gathered and sent over an optical fiber, thus transmitting data. Even a huge volume of data, as the researchers discovered”.

In summary thanks to their research, the scientists were able to create a chip which has the capacity to transmit data with a laser whereas this speed of 1 petabit normally requires at least 1000 lasers. The purpose of these and one day integrate data centers and internet hubs in order to reduce the carbon footprint with the reduction of the infrastructures necessary for the global internet.

Barely the record established, the researchers are already working to surpass it. It turns out the chip is scalable, and an improved version could transmit data at 100 petabit seconds by isolating more frequencies.

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