Next Bitcoin bull run for 2023: optimistic forecast or another utopia?

A summer recovery is to be expected – As the crypto winter continues to rule the markets, this advocate advocates Bitcoin (BTC) shares his predictions about the Date of next bull for cryptocurrencies. Some perspectives are optimistic without being unrealistic.

The bulls’ agenda is subject to key factors

During a recent interview for Bankless Shows, the CEO of ShapeShaft, Eric Voorheeshinted that the next cryptocurrency bull run could happen in six months to three years. He believes the next bull cycle may be about to begin from mid-2023because by then there would have been enough time for people to start changing their minds and for the “Speculation Cycles” Come back.

For Erik Voorhees, market dynamics will depend on a number of factors, including interest rate announced by the Federal Reserve (FED) as well as the evolution of the macroeconomic environment and the regulations.

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Bitcoin to $40,000 by summer…if FED gives green light

Erik Voorhees also shared his predictions for Bitcoin to bounce back to $40,000 by summer, almost 2.5 times its current price. However, a change in the way the FED handles it interest rate is a necessary condition to such a significant bull rally.

ShapeShaft’s CEO believes these rate changes could take place in early or mid-2023. Nevertheless, this optimistic outlook should be treated with caution, because if the FED has reduced the magnitude of December’s rate hikeat the moment there have been no convincing signs of a real turnaround for this year.

Interview with Eric Voorhes at Bankless Shows – Source: YouTube

These forecasts must also take into account that theinflation not in the United States not yet mastereddespite positive signs reflected in the release of the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data.

But the Fed could very well turn more hawkish again if the next stats show that this decline was only cyclical and the CPI continues to rise structurally.

A cyclical bitcoin to confirm rising but a rhythm to discuss

Given these uncertainties about future Federal Reserve decisions, is Bitcoin impossible at $40,000 by summer? From a technical perspective, Bitcoin could rise to at least around $55,000 this year with reference to historical data and assuming that a four-year cycle about the development of its price.

But while $40,000 remains theoretically possible, Bitcoin’s ascent rate could be slower. As a result, the cryptocurrency could miss its rendezvous at $40,000 in the summer, but touch that mark again during the fall or next winter.

The reality of the crypto markets for this year can obviously come close to or further away from these forecasts. Erik Voorhees bets Bitcoin at $40,000 by summer But in reality, the cryptocurrency remains plugged currently under $17,000and dead silence reigns in the markets.

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