Nissan e-POWER technology receives the 2022 Innovation Award at the Grand Prix Auto Moto –

The editorial staff of Auto Moto magazine awarded the 2022 Innovation Prize to Nissan e-POWER technology. Richard Tougeron, Chief Executive Officer of Nissan, received the award on behalf of Nissan during the gala evening of the Grand Prix Auto Moto which took place on October 20 in Paris.

The editorial staff of this reference media in the automotive world thus recognizes the innovative character of the e-POWER technology developed by Nissan. This Nissan-exclusive system is a unique approach to electrification, delivering the feeling of 100% electric driving without the need to recharge the battery.

The e-POWER engine is made up of a high-efficiency battery, a turbocharged petrol engine with variable compression ratio, a generator, an inverter and an electric motor.

The originality of this technology is that the gasoline engine is used only to produce electricity, while the wheels are driven only by the electric motor. The petrol unit can thus always operate in its optimum rev range, which guarantees superior efficiency in urban environments.

Thanks to this 100% electric traction, there is no lag in acceleration as with an internal combustion engine or a traditional hybrid. The instantaneous response generated by the 330 Nm of torque offers a particularly pleasant feeling and dynamic acceleration that makes driving easier.

The e-POWER engine has been available on the Nissan QASHQAI since September and now on the all-new Nissan X-Trail.

Richard Tougeron, Managing Director of Nissan in France, said: “By rewarding the innovative nature of e-POWER technology, this award salutes Nissan’s pioneering spirit. Customers will love the feeling of 100% electric driving without worrying about charging. This technology offers the best of both worlds and represents the best of Nissan – bold, pioneering and innovative – while putting the driver first. It represents an important step in Nissan’s electrification strategy.”

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