NordicTrack Vault, the interactive iFit experience at the heart of innovative technology

The NordicTrack Vault is a smart interactive mirror that provides the ease and convenience of a home gym without taking up valuable space. Endowed an integrated storage system for exercise equipment and a complete exercise library, it features iFit’s interactive workouts through a 32-inch Smart HD touchscreen.

The world of indoor sports and fitness is witnessing the dawn of a new era, that of the smart home gym. From workout mirrors to smart bikes and ellipticals, today it’s more than easy to lavishly outfit your home gym with more than just dumbbells. Now you can experience the best workouts of your life, led by a personal trainer, while keeping tabs on your form, posture, and movement.

Riding this wave and delivering the best innovative fitness experience, the NordicTrack Vault is a premier fitness and home gym mirror that intimately combines iFIT interactive training with innovative reflective technology, which opens to a system storage for training equipment. It was designed by NordicTrack, a fitness company known for producing a wide range of high-quality cardio machines including treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals and rowing machines.

The Vault is NordicTrack’s foray into smart home gym devices. It has a 32-inch Full HD touchscreen hidden by a 1.80m mirror when not in use. The reflective display lets you observe and self-correct your form by tracking iFit workouts, the streaming service used by the Vault to deliver live, on-demand fitness classes.

An elegant design

The Vault has a relatively small footprint, measuring approximately 73 inches high, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches deep. This means that standard 2.5 meter ceilings are high enough and only a few square meters of floor space is needed to accommodate the frame. With its heavy base, the Vault is extremely stable, and a strap on the back allows it to be bolted to a wall for added stability.

Featuring a durable carbon steel frame for a total weight of approximately 117 kg, the Vault is sleek, sleek and compact, and has been designed to fit into every interior and turn any room into a real one. home gym. Unlike many other practice mirrors, the Vault is freestanding and cannot be wall mounted, it was designed to not only fit into your home, but also add to the decor.

An interactive and practical screen

The Vault features a 61.5-inch (156cm) mirror with a 32-inch (81cm) touchscreen for streaming workouts to iFit. The large touchscreen mirror can be used to stream a variety of on-demand workout classes and is fully reflective, allowing you to adjust your posture and form during the workout.

What makes the Vault unique from other smart mirrors is its rotating screen, which opens to reveal a convenient vertical storage system for storing dumbbells, kettlebells and other resistance bands. Dual easy-glide hinges allow the screen to be positioned at multiple angles for the best possible view. Able to rotate 360°, the reflective surface allows you to always have a perfect view of your iFIT trainer and control your form.

The mirror is also equipped with two 3-inch digitally amplified speakers, offering excellent sound quality, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use your own heart rate monitor or your own headphones.

Cleverly designed storage

Two options are available when purchasing the Vault… There is Vault Complete and Vault Standalone. The full version comes with six sets of dumbbells ranging from 2.3 to 13.6 kg (5 to 30 pounds), two kettlebells (9.1 kg and 13.6 kg), three loop bands, three mini bands resistance, a textured exercise mat, two yoga blocks, a microfiber cleaning towel and, of course, the vertical storage cabinet with hanging shelves to accommodate all those items. The Standalone version consists only of the Vault frame and the cabinet with the high-end shelves.

The dumbbells are sturdy and comfortable to hold, the resistance bands are thick, and the yoga blocks are easy to grip even with sweaty hands.

The richness of iFit programming

The NordTrack Vault uses iFit programming, allowing for endless workout options, such as yogathem Pilatesthe sculpt and tonethe stretchingthe boot campthe cross trainingthe lift, And much more. On the home screen, you can select recommended workouts or search for on-demand classes using filters including class type, intensity, duration, target zone, instructor and the required equipment. Classes follow a 3-step format, offering an optional warm-up period, the class itself, and 10 minutes at the end for cool-down stretches.

iFit also launched the series Train Like a Pro, which includes training programs designed by professional athletes. The NordicTrack Vault smart fitness mirror is powered by iFIT* membership which provides access to on-demand classes and workouts from the world’s top trainers.

The NordicTrack Vault is a great option for people who want a smart fitness mirror that includes both continuous training classes and workout equipment, its sleek design and modularity instantly gives any feeling of luxury. home gym.

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