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Novag SAS has designed seed drills capable of sowing without disturbing the soil thanks to one of the most advanced technologies on the market. Ramzi Frikha, Director and Export Manager, talks about the development of the company.

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Lhe general public is very often interested in agriculture, but it remains relatively uninformed about the problem of soil degradation in the world. Loss of soil fertility, and erosion of arable land are caused by intensive tillage. The use of fertilizers and pesticides is a consequence of this problem, because of the low level of organic matter remaining in the soil. Reversing this trend is the challenge for tomorrow’s agriculture, and it is Novag’s mission. ” The Novag philosophy is to offer solutions that work, so that farmers can work completely in conservation agriculture, if they wish. The gains from stopping tillage are very significant. The fuel savings alone (70% savings) alone are enough to pay for the investment in the machine explains Ramzi Frikha.

Innovative machinery

Ramzi Frikha discovered conservation agriculture during a trip to New Zealand. He then understood that this agriculture could, in a fascinating way, make it possible to restore soil fertility, improve yields, while being a much more ecological and more economical solution than conventional agriculture. Back in France, he started. ” I am the project leader, with a role in the design of the machines from the outset. Novag machines are heavier, more sophisticated, manufactured with more precision and have more efficient on-board electronics than other machines on the market. For example, seeding depth control is automated, and the furrow opening force automatically adapts to soil resistance, which can be very variable on the same field. says the Director and Export Manager. Thanks to their technology, Novag can advance yields equivalent or superior to those obtained by conventional tillage, from the first year. This is very important security for farmers in the transition to conservation agriculture.

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