Nozomi Networks, a startup that offers state-of-the-art solutions

A reference company in the OT and IoT visibility sector, Nozomi Networks is a company created in Switzerland in 2013. Collaborating with thousands of organizations around the world, it has approximately 3,500 installations of which 44 million of connected equipment in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The services offered by Nozomi Networks

As a technology-driven company, Nozomi Networks’ main objective is to accelerate digital transformation while ensuring protection against cyber threats. Mapping, visibility or even malware detection, these are the services offered by the startup. In principle, these needs are intended for customers who operate industrial networks or factories. In order to analyze, monitor and detect an irregularity within the computer system, this company implements the Nozomi Networks Guardian, a probe deployed on the client’s infrastructure. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to have an immediate knowledge of the state of the network.

A company that values ​​the cyber community

Using Nozomi Networks Labs, an organization comprised of cyber researchers and analysts, the company participates in activities within the cyber community. In a way, the experts enter it to carry out missions such as the search for faults in industrial equipment or open doors that hackers and malware could use to attack the computer system. On the other hand, Nozomi Networks contributes to the Campus Cyber ​​project, an initiative launched by the President of the Republic. As a reminder, the purpose of this concept is to bring together the main players in cyber-security within a common organization. As a result, professionals will be able to produce tools that meet standards and share knowledge with the cyber community.

Who is Nozomi Networks for?

It should be noted that the main customers of Nozomi Networks are heavy industries, in particular establishments operating oil, gas or mining sites, as well as companies in the pharmaceutical sector or even public services. Nevertheless, the company also works with professionals in the maritime world such as warships or cruise ships. Thanks to Nozomi Networks Guardian probes, these different customers can protect their computer systems from cyber threats. In order to find effective solutions to cyber security problems, the startup also collaborates with other establishments. The digitization of industries, the deployment of connected objects and the other challenges of digital transformation will therefore be successfully accomplished.

Nozomi Networks:

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