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RADIO J LIVE. EMISSION AT 2.45 PM. Theme of our weekly column. “Israel’s technology transfer, from military to civilian. Korea, Morocco and Israel”.

“Faced with competition from China and the United States, the experience of its military at the borders allows Israel to establish itself as a superpower in unmanned aircraft”.

First exporter of drones ahead of the United States, Israel continues to achieve great success abroad, despite an increasingly competitive environment.

Les Echos: “Israel is dominating the world drone market, however in the face of growing competition from China and the United States. The small country plays its “advantage”: enemies on its borders and therefore a sandbox to test and develop its remote-controlled technology”.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korea’s weapons agency has acquired Heron drones from national champion Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to meet its security needs. An order of $36.5 million.

Seoul had already done business with the Israeli group to equip itself with unmanned aircraft of the Searcher type.

MOROCCO. Morocco has joined the club of drone manufacturers thanks to a recent agreement with Israel under which Morocco will produce Israeli combat drones. The global drone market is currently around 12 billion dollars, but should reach 25 billion in 2029, according to the firm Teal, for which devices for civilian use will then exceed those for military use.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco will build two factories to produce combat drones under Israeli supervision and expertise. This will allow the kingdom to produce advanced drones at a low cost compared to those it currently buys from China and Turkey.

As part of a military agreement signed last July between Morocco and Israel, Tel Aviv has agreed to transfer drone production technology to Rabat. With the support of Tel Aviv, these drones will be produced at a lower cost in two military bases in Morocco.

According to Israeli military sources, the combat drones, which will be produced in Morocco within a few months, will make it possible to carry out surveillance missions, collect intelligence from a distance and participate in combat operations.

According to Radio France Internationale (RFI), Morocco has become the first African country to produce drones.

Morocco has purchased drones from several countries such as China, Turkey, France and Israel, creating a de facto and probably the most advanced fleet in North Africa. But Rabat’s ambitions are no longer limited to purchases; rather, it seeks to produce drones in Moroccan territories with the help of Israel.

Morocco and Israel resumed diplomatic relations at the end of 2020 under a trilateral agreement in which the United States recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, disputed by the Algerian-backed Polisario Front.

Israel and Morocco strengthened their military cooperation during talks conducted in Rabat in July by Aviv Kohavi, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, with several senior officials of the kingdom.

The pace of rapprochement between Morocco and Israel accelerated after the diplomatic normalization that took place in December 2020 within the framework of the Abraham Accords, negotiated between Israel and several Arab countries with the support of Washington

Source: News AM & Israel Valley

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