on the hunt for records thanks to the luminous hare

It’s a luxury that only the biggest meetings on the planet can afford. But despite its small budget (36,000 euros), the Décines meeting will benefit this Saturday evening at the Stade Troussier from the Wavelight, a luminous hare system allowing the race pace to be perfectly regulated.

Developed by Dutch athlete Bram Som (European indoor champion in the 800m in 2004 who has become a renowned hare) and agent Jos Hermens (Gebreselassie, Bekele, etc.), the device consists of 400 LEDs (one every meters) lined up in the lists inside the first lane. The ideal speed “runs” along the synthetic like a wave, the competitors having – if one can put it this way – only to follow the rhythm.

This technology made a sensational irruption in Valencia in 2020 when Joshua Cheptegeï on…

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