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Is the handwritten CV being buried by technology? In recent years, new forms of application have emerged and it may well be that the video CV, which is the translation by image of the motivations of the candidate, becomes more and more widespread. A specialized recruitment firm, Opti CV offers both candidates and employers the use of these dynamic CVs.

Too often stereotyped, handwritten cover letters and the CVs that accompany them no longer represent a safe bet in the eyes of employers. Conversely, the candidate often finds himself frustrated by not being able to fully display the extent of his motivations elsewhere than on a simple sheet of paper. “It is also impossible to know if the candidate wrote the documents himself”, even adds Hélène Freslon, general manager of Opti CV “Today, recruiters favor interpersonal skills and prefer to invest in a personality than in skills that can be acquired over the long term”.

About 20 hours less on a recruitment

Instead of the traditional curriculum vitae, Opti CV offers candidates the opportunity to record, in their studio, a video of approximately two minutes in order to express their motivations based on a preparation framework. The firm then produces the video editing for free and communicates the project to the recruiter. For the candidate, this method represents a 30% greater chance of finding a permanent contract.

For the recruiter, the benefits are multiple. No need to go through applications for hours, Opti CV takes care of publishing the ads, takes care of sourcing, telephone interviews but above all provides connection codes to a platform on which several candidate videos are listed according to the criteria. of the recruiter. “In addition to the videos, there are also the last two reference checks and our opinion as a recruitment firm. This represents a time saving of around 20 hours for the employer”, explains Hélène Freslon. In order to offer the maximum guarantees, Opti CV works only for success. If the recruiter does not find what he is looking for among all the videos, he will not be billed.

More reliable than the paper CV, the video format allows the recruiter to better understand the personality of the applicant as well as his motivations. An innovative practice that is also attracting more and more candidates wishing to stand out in order to obtain a position that is sometimes very popular. It’s modern, it’s simple and it increases the chances of being recruited. No more doubt, the video CV is about to bury its paper ancestor.

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