Oraimo plans to set up a mobile technology factory in Nigeria

(Ecofin Agency) – Nigeria is one of the largest telecommunications markets on the African continent with more than 201 million telephone subscribers in April 2022. This makes it an important market for manufacturers of mobiles and mobile accessories.

Smartphone accessories maker, Oraimo Mobile Technology has announced plans to build a large mobile technology factory in Nigeria. Chidi Okonkwo, Managing Director of the company, revealed the project on the sidelines of the inauguration of the organization’s flagship store and experience center at Jabi Lake Mall in the city of Abuja.

Called “The Green World”, the new complex aims to be a point of sale for all quality mobile accessories. Mr. Okonkwo also highlighted the company’s commitment to quality, durable and affordable products. For him, “Nigeria has matured with a burgeoning population of young tech-savvy professionals and educated youths who can accommodate the establishment of the largest mobile technology production plant in Africa“.

This initiative comes in a context marked by the efforts of the Nigerian government to attract investments from major players in the digital industry and to spark the development of technology at the level of local entrepreneurs, in line with the new digital development strategy 2022-2025. Last April, the Nigerian Senate passed a bill to establish a national industrial technology park on second reading.

According to Emeka Offor, Acting Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), Oraimo contributes to Nigeria’s economic growth and human capital development through foreign direct investment. “It is high time we stopped importing commodities into Nigeria. The time has come for production to be predominant in Nigeria, and from there we will export to other African nations and the world.“, did he declare.

Isaac K. Kassouwi

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