Organ transplants: HEMARINA obtains CE marking for its HEMO2life® technology

The European Union recognizes the first universal oxygen carrier.

HEMARINA has just obtained CE marking for HEMO2life®, oxygenation solution. The CE marking reflects the compliance of the HEMO2life® medical device with the essential safety and clinical benefit requirements set by European regulations and allows it to be placed on the European market. This technology makes it possible to optimize the preservation time of the kidney grafts and their quality in order to accelerate the recovery of post-transplant function. The improvement of these essential parameters translates into a marked improvement in patient survival. This technology can now be a preferred solution for each intervention in the countries of the European Union and those where the CE marking is recognized. HEMO2life® will make it possible to shift transplantation from an emergency procedure to a planned medicine.

Thanks to the CE marking obtained for its additive to HEMO2life® organ preservation solutions, HEMARINA, a Breton company in the field of marine biotechnologies, provides patients and surgeons with a major breakthrough innovation. HEMO2life® is revolutionizing the preservation of grafts awaiting transplantation, without modifying clinical protocols, and with a demonstrated effect on the survival of post-transplant patients.

Because preserving an organ saves a life!

From basic research to the operating room, HEMO2life® is today the first oxygen carrier in the world to obtain marketing authorization. Founder of HEMARINA, Doctor Franck Zal, has been conducting research on the exceptional properties of the extracellular hemoglobin of the sandworm for more than 15 years. 250 times smaller than human hemoglobin, this hemoglobin is capable of carrying 40 times more oxygen. HEMO2life® allows physiological oxygenation of kidney grafts, thus optimizing their storage time and quality.


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