A new high-tech telescope inaugurated on the Calern plateau in the Alpes-Maritimes

A new telescope has just been inaugurated on the Calern plateau observation site in Caussols (Alpes-Maritimes), by Thalès Alenia Space and the Côte d’Azur Observatory. As reported France Blue Azurethis Thursday, June 16, 2022, the GOOD telescope, to Ground optical orbit determinationis a gem of technology. If its dome measures only 2.3 m, it has … Read more

How blockchain and cryptocurrencies could revolutionize real estate

A report sheds light on the major transformations that the real estate sector could experience thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Is the real estate sector experiencing a 3.0 revolution? This is what the report entitled “real estate 3.0, from paper stone to crypto stone”, written by Florian Freyssenet, co-founder of the TheDiggers community and connoisseur … Read more

Google wants to facilitate voice recognition in French for people with disabilities

Google’s Euphonia project, aimed at working on the voice recognition of people suffering from a speech disorder, is coming to France. Google’s Relate project app // Source: Google For several years, Google has been working on projects to simplify the daily lives of people with disabilities. In 2019, we discovered the Euphonia project, a program … Read more

Health: they stop smoking suddenly after a stroke, researchers discover how to stop tobacco addiction by manipulating the brain

A bad for a good ? A study reveals that brain damage would cause the end of tobacco addictionas reported by our colleagues from TV3. American and Swedish researchers have published the results of their work in the journal Nature Medicine. They observed patients who experienced a sudden urge to quit smoking after having a … Read more

This Investor Still Sees Pain For The Tech Sector By Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – Private equity investor Orlando Bravo is issuing a stark warning about the tech sector. “I think there’s more pain to come,” said Mr. Bravo, founder of buyout firm Thoma Bravo. For years, the technology sector has dominated the stock market, with companies like Apple (NASDAQ:) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:) becoming among the … Read more

Understand Staking in just 3 minutes!

Contrary to mining of crypto-currencies which requires a substantial investment in equipment and significant technical knowledge, the staking is a mechanism that allows you to generate passive income by just holding cryptocurrencies in a wallet. Explanation. What is staking? Very simply, this concept means “stacking” or “staking”. The crypto-currency holder will participate in transaction validation … Read more

Bill Gates Says NFTs and Cryptocurrencies Are “Based on the Biggest Madman Theory”

Tech billionaire Bill Gates hasn’t mince words about NFTs and cryptocurrencies, which he calls “100% based on the biggest fool theory,” a financial concept that even overvalued assets can make money on the condition of finding a bigger fool to sell them to. Credit: Bill Gates/Twitter ” It’s obvious that expensive digital images of monkeys … Read more