Google Engineer Says New AI Robot Has FEELINGS: Blake Lemoine Says LaMDA Device Is Sensitive

Senior Software Engineer at Google Signed up to test Google’s artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), claimed that the AI ​​robot is actually sentient and has thoughts and feelings. During a series of conversations with LaMDA, Blake Lemoine, 41, presented the computer with various scenarios for performing analyses. They included religious … Read more

Civic technology. The African Union offers scholarships to nationals of 7 countries including Morocco

Apply to the African Union (AU) Civic Tech Fund for innovative Civic Tech initiatives. Indeed, the AU offers a skills building program for civic tech professionals in 7 African countries, including Morocco. Again this year, the African Union is seeking innovative initiatives that use civic technology and digital engagement to facilitate inclusive public decision-making and … Read more

The fall in prices is likely to continue

If during the first days of June, cryptocurrencies recorded a slight improvement in their price, this is no longer the case now. Many digital assets are seeing a drop in price and ether (ETH) is one of them. Its price has fallen below $1,900 and analysts don’t seem particularly positive about the future of the … Read more

Google Chrome Will Use Machine Learning To Make Browsing Less Horrible

Advertising Google has revealed plans to use machine learning to make web browsing less crap. The company says(Opens a new tab) it already uses machine learning to enable certain features, such as flagging potentially malicious websites or grouping browsing history by specific topics, in Chrome. But it plans to introduce additional features informed by machine … Read more

a drug in trial that destroys the tumor without surgery or chemo

among all rectal cancerthem adenocarcinomas are the most frequent. To cure them, oncologists usually offer surgery to remove the cancerous area, followed by a chemotherapy. But’immunotherapy could replace this protocol burdensome for patients. In effect, a small clinical trial made at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center in New York gave impressive results: 100% of patients … Read more

trend outlook and growth opportunity –

Highlighted with 83 tables and 84 figures, this 156-page report Global Smart Meter Market 2020-2027 By Component, Technology (AMR, AMI), Communication Type (Cellular, RF, PLC), Phase, Specification (SMETS1, SMETS2), Application (Power, Gas, Water), End Use ( residential, commercial, industrial) and region: trend outlook and growth opportunities is based on extensive research of entire Global Smart … Read more