Pedagogy and technology go hand in hand

Pedagogy and technology go hand in hand

Learning while having fun is the bet of Critt Sport & Loisirs de Châtellerault, which has developed teaching kits for middle schools. When sport becomes an inexhaustible material…

Arnault Varanne

The Olympic science and sport classes are living their fourth year in Vienne. And the least we can write is that they seduce college students as much as their teachers. At the Descartes college in Châtellerault, “we really learn in a different way”testify Shadé and Hardingt, pupils of 3e. Yes, today we can run and jump, compare ourselves to Usain Bolt or Bob Beamon, while doing math, physics, biology, history…

This is the magic of the educational kits designed by the Critt Sport & Loisirs de Châtellerault, in conjunction with the Robioss laboratory at the University of Poitiers. Three colleges serve as “guinea pigs”, Descartes therefore, but also Rabelais in Poitiers and Louise-Michel in Lussac-les-Châteaux. No later than Monday, May 30, Franck Leplanquais and his teams gave training to about fifteen teachers so that they appropriated the tools as well as possible, including virtual reality headsets. “The school has spent its time answering questions that young people have never asked themselves, insists the director of Critt Sport & Loisirs. The idea is to give meaning to learning. »

From research work at the Pprime Institute to classrooms, the educational kits are intended to spread throughout Vienne and beyond. Especially since the department benefits from the Educational Digital Territory label and nine colleges will soon benefit from exceptional financial resources. “Many players are convinced of the need to review access to knowledge. » The next Olympic and Paralympic Day on June 23 should accelerate awareness… two years from the Paris Olympics.


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