Peugeot presents the Inception Concept at the CES in Las Vegas

Peugeot used CES in Las Vegas, the annual gathering for technology and innovation, to introduce the Inception. A concept vehicle that aims to usher in a new era and embodies the brand’s vision for its future electric vehicles. Indeed, the Inception concept will inspire its future products from 2025 onwards. Peugeot clearly shows its ambition to become the leading electric brand in Europe by 2030. An ambition that paves the way for a radical transformation of the lion brand. This transformation embodies the Peugeot Inception Concept, characterized by a feline design. A vehicle also based on validated futuristic technologies, offering new sensations. Sensations that its occupants can experience in a completely redesigned cabin.

A vehicle based on a new STLA platform

The new STLA platforms BEV by design form the basis of the revolution initiated by the Stellantis Group. The Peugeot Inception Concept is based on one of them, the STLA Large, dedicated to large models. A platform that allows to benefit from a generous scale while highlighting the excellence of its innovations. The Inception Concept has two compact electric motors, making it an all-wheel drive that offers dynamic driving. The total output reaches 500 kW (680 hp) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. A battery with a capacity of 100 kWh drives these two motors and gives the vehicle a range of 800 km. Enough to cover the distance from Paris to Marseille on a single full charge. In addition, this battery, which uses 800V technology, allows you to restore 150 km of autonomy in five minutes.

A cat look design

founding concept

The Inception Concept marks an evolution in the style of Peugeot. It is the first manifesto from the design team led by Matthew Hossan who succeeded Gilles Vidal. This new design evolves between sensual lines and athletic curves, more geometric and sharper. This low saloon (1.34 m) shows generous dimensions (5 meters long). A template chosen on purpose to highlight the many innovations of this manifesto. Staying true to the brand’s DNA, the Inception Concept has a feline look characterized by its dynamic profile. A high-contrast profile with a glass capsule cabin that slopes down to the driver’s feet. In addition, the front bumper adopts a new Peugeot light signature that includes the three emblematic claws. The rear takes on a very high-tech treatment with the three claws that seem to fit endlessly into the car.

A cabin that takes you to a new dimension

The design of the Inception Concept also highlights a passenger compartment that offers original technological perspectives. Its new generation of i-Cockpits transports you to a new dimension between dream and reality and promises intense emotions. The excellence of the technology embodies the steer-by-wire in particular. This does away with the steering wheel as we know it in favor of a Hypersquare command. A control where the mechanical connections disappear in favor of digital electrical controls. With your fingertips you control all driving parameters and the steer-by-wire technology makes driving instinctive. In the center of the Hypersquare is a tablet-like screen used to disseminate control information. The icons of the various functions are displayed on the two side panels to facilitate access to the selected command.

A new vision of the passenger compartment

Next to his new i Cockpit, the Inception Concept offers an unprecedented vision of interior space for a grand tourer. In this way he creates new sitting postures, more stretched, in accordance with the new architectures ” BEV by design “. The high waist acts as a reassuring safety reinforcement. Row 1 juts forward, offering an exceptional view of the road. Row 2 benefits from a peaked exterior view through generous expanses of glass and new proportions of the seats. Wider proportions and a seat that adapts to the morphology of each passenger On the other hand, each material of the passenger compartment has been treated according to its reflections, so the color inside the vehicle changes according to the environment and varies according to the incidence of light.

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