PHABRIX always at the cutting edge of technology with its rasterizers!

The pioneer of test and measurement technologies in the broadcast market has added a new Dolby E metadata decoding and analysis option in the latest version (4.6) of its Qx and QxL rasterizers.

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The PHQXO-DOLBY option allows users to decode Dolby Atmos Dolby E and ED2 audio streams used in live broadcast applications, as well as get a view of Dolby E metadata.
Providing a clear and accessible view of Dolby E metadata, this option also allows monitoring of a Dolby audio signal from any input: embedded SDI/2022-6 input, 2110-30 or 31 audio stream, or AES input.
PHQXO-DOLBY also includes capabilities for measuring and monitoring the decoded audio signal, and can separately measure the volume of a program decoded in 5.1 and stereo 2.0. The “Audio Meter” window…

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