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Phenikaa LED bulbs. Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – Phenikaa, a Vietnamese brand known for its smart and eco-friendly products, has just inaugurated the first smart electronics factory in Vietnam and released its LED bulbs. With a closed “Company-University-Laboratory” ecosystem, the group aims to promote Vietnamese talent around the world.
Phenikaa LED bulbs. Photo:

If in the world, the “Company-University-Laboratory” model is developing and showing its effectiveness, in Vietnam, it is quite recent. Phenikaa is one of the first to follow this model.

“In this ecosystem created 3 years ago, alongside the establishment of a research laboratory, we have created Phenikaa University, an innovative university where the country’s young talents are trained. At a time of digital transition and in a world where technologies are increasingly important, young people play a key role. We want to promote their development,” said Hô Xuân Nang, the group’s president.

This model is seen as a sustainable development strategy of Phenikaa Group which is trying to become a leading technology and industrial company in Vietnam through smart production.

In July 2022, the Phenikaa Smart Electronics Factory was inaugurated. It is one of the first smart electronic equipment manufacturing factories in Vietnam. It applies advanced technologies meeting international standards such as intelligent power system, intelligent security system, intelligent production system and intelligent monitoring system. It is in this factory that Phenikaa’s most important research projects on self-propelled technology, mapping technology and nourishing light technology Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian are developed. It manufactures optoelectronic materials, microchips, self-propelled robots and LED lighting equipment. The factory has the capacity to supply more than 50 million LED lighting products and 4.5 billion electronic components per year.

Phenikaa Lighting’s LED bulbs are made using natural light technology which is good for human health according to its president Hô Xuân Nang.

“We have skilled scientists and engineers, but we also use artificial intelligence to create a quality product. Our LED bulbs are good for human health,” he said.

Phenikaa cooperates with foreign partners to further improve the quality of these products. Peter Neslon, a director of the AMS Osram LED lighting group, said: “Phenikaa wants to conquer Southeast Asia, a prosperous and fastest growing region in the world. Southeast Asia is also a booming area for smart solutions. We are proud to support the development of Phenikaa not only as suppliers, but also as co-producers”.

For his part, the former Minister of Science and Technology Nguyên Quân estimated:

“The Party and the state encourage enterprises to innovate. The Prime Minister has approved the National Digital Transformation Program. I am very happy that Phenikaa is one of the pioneers in digital transformation, because the ultimate goal of this process is to create intelligent products that serve people. We will have smart technologies, smart transport, smart factories and a smart society. I like Phenikaa’s products because they are made by the Vietnamese themselves”.

Currently, Phenikaa Lighting markets 5 LED products: Essenaa, Balagraa, Sunaa, Healthaa and Tunaturaa. Thanks to natural lighting technology, these products meet the user’s criteria of visual, emotional and biological balance, as well as the criteria of natural light.

With transparent governance and environmentally friendly production, Phenikaa has constantly innovated to create made in Vietnam products of exceptional quality that can spread Vietnamese intelligence around the world. – VOV/VNA


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