PHILO / Michel Onfray: Technology is inherent to humans, like death there is no need to be afraid of it, it is advancing towards us

We invited him, he replied within an hour that he was ready, we looked at each other, we thought the same thing: it’s a scam! Michel Onfray had his mailbox hacked.

Then we landed, we revived him and the conversation has never been broken until this day.

September 20, 2022, 3 p.m. he arrives at our house, a small village in France at the foot of the CĂ©vennes, 300 inhabitants, not even a bakery, just a church (without a priest)

We set up the studio in the garden, under a mulberry tree, in the shade, an improbable setting for a recording but who cares, we unrolled our scene like in a film. And you know what, it was just perfect.

This man is a giant, he embodies the gray matter of France, disconnected from the details, he looks into the distance. He opens the way like Moses opens the waters (we also talk about Moses in the podcast) The Blockchain a priori is not his thing, he is a man of concepts but concepts stuck to people’s reality. So yes, we talked about technologies, all technologies, not just those of WEB3.

He told us that the technique is inherent to the human, like death it is useless to be afraid of it, it advances towards us.

It tells us that regardless of the technologies through time, our destiny never changes. We function as a primitive horde which represents the social organization, always with dominants, winners, and the others….

It’s not the technology that’s the problem, it’s that people aren’t prepared for it, only a handful have access to knowledge, mastery and therefore privileges.

According to Michel Onfray, we are at the end of a Western civilization and this is where the paradigm shifts.

We are in a world where writing, thinking, reflection, analysis are no more, we are in the era of snacking, of what is thought quickly, decided quickly, built and deconstructed just as quick.

In his eyes, the freedom to construct one’s thought is our only weapon, regardless of the medium, only the quality of what is counts!

Good listening !


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