Prada launches into sustainable jewelry.

A few weeks before the end of the year celebrations, the luxury brand unveils its first “Eternal Gold” jewelry collection, combining durability and cutting-edge technology.

Innovative and eco-responsible: jewelry signed Prada.

After 14 months of research and development, Prada is entering the jewelry market with a collection called “Eternal Gold”. Snake bracelet, chain necklace… The range is inspired by the neoclassical world and aims to favor a minimalist and timeless aesthetic.

While sustainability is a key criterion in consumers’ purchasing intentions, the Italian house intends to align with these green expectations, having recently sealed its merger with the Textile Exchange in order to strengthen sustainability in within its fashion supply chain. Here, this jewelry collection is made in certified 100% recycled gold, while the diamonds come from an eco-responsible supply. These are all materials that embody the rise of green creative policies within the jewelry industry, as evidenced by the recent Boucheron line created from Cofalit, a raw-looking material from asbestos-containing industrial waste.

Courtesy of Prada
©David Sims

For this new line, Prada has also chosen innovation by integrating its pieces on the blockchain. Aura Consortium of which the house is one of the founding members. This certificate of authenticity will allow buyers to be informed about the product and its composition, giving it digital traceability, essential in the resale market.

The opening of a jewelry department has boosted the repositioning strategy initiated by the house since 2017 between strengthening digital, limiting wholesale, large-scale collaborations and premiumization. A boost that comes just days after the launch of Prada Beauty and its latest addition Prada Paradoxe.


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