Presentation of the first virtual smartphone in Abidjan

The CERCO Group proceeded, this Thursday, September 22, 2022, to the presentation of the first one-dollar virtual Smartphone, from its headquarters located in Abidjan-Cocody II Plateau.

This is the world’s very first satellite smartphone

This is the very first satellite Smartphone in the world, a virtual telephone in the form of a card equipped with a QR code, which has the power to transform any Smartphone into a Superphone. Presentation of the characteristics of this technological tool During the launch ceremony, the designer of this new tool, Dr Alain Capo-Chichi, presented the characteristics of this multifunction card which works in offline mode but with all the functionalities of a Smartphone.

According to him, thanks to the SIM card connected to it, this virtual Smartphone allows its user to be reachable everywhere, whether the phone is stolen, lost or has a discharged battery. This is a boon for people in rural areas who often face network or electricity problems. As with the Superphone, Dr. Capo-Chichi insists on the inclusion (digital and financial) of illiterate people which motivated his inventions.

Everyone can have access to various services” Thanks to the voice identification social robot that serves as a channel for this innovation

“Everyone can have access to various services” Thanks to the voice identification social robot which serves as a channel for this innovation, everyone can have access to various services (electronic payment, transfer/receipt of money, issue/receive calls, shopping, buying telephone credit, listening to music, researching products, etc., even through African languages.

“A WhatsApp group user simply identifies a community (ethnic, religious, geographical, linguistic, etc.), adds the Robot (+2250703158002) and says vocally ”I want to connect” for the robot identifies his voice and sends him a secure connection link, after creating an account with his photo, first and last name, explained Dr Capo-Chichi.

In his desire to connect, in the space of a month, 100 million Africans, including at least 10 million Ivorians, to this innovative system, Alain Capo-Chichi appeals to the territorial administrations, in particular the town halls as well as the States and African populations themselves to appropriate it.


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