Project Starline, a technology that will easily reproduce a person in three dimensions, and a partnership with Coinbase

The streaming of the Google Cloud Next 2022 conference has just started. The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis event is to highlight the details of upcoming Google products and company partnership. According to Google, the tech glove is eager to provide more open and robust data cloud services to ensure that other institutions will trust their data and services. The event also gave a preview of upcoming applications that can help data professionals with artificial intelligence.

The event kicked off with Thomas Kurian, General Manager of the Cloud, taking a look at all the transformational changes that have taken place with the Cloud. He added that AI and data have evolved a lot and it is important to keep the network connected.

In the first 6 months of 2022, Google released almost 1300 new products. The company intends to keep an eye on helping the workload optimization framework, as nearly 70% of the world’s top unicorns use Google Cloud for performance.

Google Cloud plans include an updated framework that can help organizations better understand data and leverage core business. Another cloud to help modernize legacy data systems and a trusted cloud, which will focus on protecting users in response to increased cyberattacks.

The cloud also discussed metaverse and web 3 concepts at the event. Google’s metaverse structure designer, Project Starline, can easily replicate a three-dimensional person that will appear as if present in that particular area.

For now, these are just ideas and they have not been published yet. Thus, when the upcoming test phase is completed, the members of the partnership will also have access to it. The company also wants to visualize how the Starline project can help users make strong connections, regardless of country.

A partnership was struck between Google and Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that chose Google to build a more modern exchange system. This partnership will help Web 3 grow by making things more user-friendly and allowing users to take advantage of cloud services as Web 3 strives to make its platform more innovative.

Source: Google Cloud Next 2022

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