“Quantum is indeed a technology of the future for Trumpf”, says Rainer Berghausen

L’Usine Nouvelle – According to still provisional figures, Trumpf had a good financial year last year, but you are not fully satisfied, why?
Rainer Berghausen –
Indeed, even if the final figures will be known at the end of the month, we can say that the company had a record year. This has translated both from the point of view of the orders [5,6 milliards d’euros, en croissance de 40%, ndlr] than turnover. The latter jumped by nearly 20% to reach 4.2 billion euros. The profit margin reached 10%. Nevertheless, we view these numbers with mixed feelings. Due to disruptions in the supply chain and shortage of components, we were, for example, unable to manufacture and deliver all the machines ordered.

How do you explain these good figures in a context of crisis?
On the one hand, we have a divergent financial year: the figures we see now are still hardly influenced by the energy crisis, our financial year ending on June 30. On the other hand, Trumpf has spread his risks well across the world. As the pandemic did not have the same effects in the same places and at the same time, we benefited from a three-step economic recovery. It started with Asia – China in particular – which represents 27% of our revenues and whose demand has skyrocketed. At the start of the year, it was the turn of Europe (54.5%) and North America (17.9%). As soon as a crisis appears in one part of the world, business must be pursued wherever possible.


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