Rachid Yazami announces technology capable of recharging a battery in 15 minutes

The eminent Moroccan researcher, who has several patents to his credit, took part, on Tuesday, September 20 in Casablanca, in the Digital Energy Forum, organized by Interworld in partnership with INSA alumni. An opportunity for him to present for the first time a new technology that should revolutionize battery charging.

Rachid Yazami took care to give a detailed presentation of his work. In his speech, he noted that the appearance of batteries has given rise to several problems, in particular the recharging time, “which can exceed one hour”. In this respect, the Moroccan researcher presented a solution, called non-linear Volta-metry (NLV), which, according to him, makes it possible to ensure the complete recharging of an electric car in record time (approximately 15 min).

Based on the results of his experiments, Mr. Yazami even estimated that the charging time may decrease more. He claimed to have been able to charge a battery in 5 minutes, explaining that the method consists of applying a series of non-linear currents, which makes it possible to adapt the voltage to the state of the battery so that it does not heat up. not and can self-cool.

“Ultra-fast battery charging has been in the headlines, I think we’re the only country in the world to have this technology today,” he said. And to add that “Morocco has a great energy potential, we have phosphate and cobalt which are essential for the manufacture of lithium batteries”.

Regarding the safety of his battery, Professor Yazami indicated that the “entropy” technique also makes it possible, thanks to artificial intelligence, to gather as much information as possible on the anomalies observed when recharging the battery. , which makes it possible, thanks to this big data, to prevent any risk of incident.


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