Renault Arkana E-Tech, the plug-free hybrid

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TEST – Association of electrified technology borrowed from F1 and a silhouette with a slender coupe profile, this SUV has no equivalent on the market.

If the SUV is cooked in all sauces, the one that has just simmered Renault knows no competition on the market. The Arkana indeed combines, at an attractive price, a dynamic silhouette with a low roof like that of a coupé with the hybrid technology already deployed on the Clio, the Captur and the Mégane. The result of a development by Formula 1 engineers, the E-Tech solution combines a naturally aspirated 94 hp 4-cylinder 4-cylinder engine from Nissan with two electric motors, a 15 kW starter-alternator and a 36 kW (48 hp) both installed in a multi-mode clutchless gearbox. The best solution according to the engineers in terms of performance and weight management. The in-house transmission offers up to 15 operating combinations.

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Special feature of the system nicknamed “hybrid without the fuss”, the 1.2 kWh battery does not need to be plugged in and is recharged while driving. A B mode increases regeneration when lifting the foot and in some cases dispenses with braking. At moderate speed and provided you touch the accelerator, you can travel up to 3 km in electric. The evolution in urban areas is 80% electric, to the benefit of pleasure and consumption, reduced by nearly 40%. With the highway, it flirts with 6.2 l/100 km.

A narrow platform

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If the performances are lower than those of the TCe 140, they remain of an honorable level but under heavy load, the 4-cylinder gives the feeling of racing excessively. Designed on the platform of the Captur, the Arkana logically takes over the driving aids but also the dashboard. To be combined preferably with the RS Line finish, providing a more uplifting atmosphere. Ransom for the technical choice: lanes and a width at elbows that are too narrow.

JEAN-BRICE [email protected]

Technical sheet

Engines: 4 cyl. petrol, 1,598 cc, 94 hp, 148 Nm + 2 electric motors (combined power: 145 hp)

Transmission: Traction, multimode auto box

Dimensions: L. 4.56, w. 1.82 p.m. 1.57m

Consumption: 4.9 l/100 km

CO emissions2: 111g/km

Speed: 172 km/h

Price: from €32,800


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