Roblox acquires anti-cheat technology company Byfron

Just a month after Roblox CEO David Baszucki took to the stage in the DRC to discuss the platform’s future plans for implementing anti-cheat systems, Roblox has acquired Byfron Technologies. On October 11, 2022, an official statement was posted on the Roblox Developer Blog which announced the acquisition of the anti-cheat software development company and promised big changes coming to the platform soon. The statement details that the two companies are “joining forces to dramatically expand Roblox’s anti-cheat capabilities.”

It’s no secret that Roblox has its fair share of hackers, exploits, and cheaters plaguing the platform, whom they prefer to keep low-key and exploit in the background using aimbots and speedups. typical speed bumps, or create havoc and attack / take over events and experiences (enter the Paris World incident), it seems like they never quite go away. Now, however, with the acquisition of Byfron, the platform will likely start to see site-wide anti-cheat systems become more prevalent.

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These systems, as noted in the Roblox Developer Blog, will not only be server-side, but client-side as well, meaning they will individually scan players for mods, exploits, and cheats upon launch, rather than just do a general server-wide analysis. Also stated in this blog is the assurance that “integrating Byfron’s technology into the Roblox platform will improve the security of the experience, protect the competitive landscape and allow developers to spend more time creating their experiences”.

It’s unclear exactly when these systems will be fully integrated into Roblox, but given the success Byfron has had with Fortnite, Overwatch 2, and Apex Legends, they should be coming to the platform soon.

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