routes to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions are available in France

Already available in the United States, Canada and Germany, the suggestion of eco-responsible and more fuel-efficient routes in Google Maps is now activated in France as well as in 40 European countries. In addition to the fastest route, Google’s guided navigation service will also offer the most fuel-efficient route when a car trip is required compared to other alternatives. Drivers will be able to compare the two options and prefer the route that allows them to save fuel and reduce their CO2 emissions.

To optimize this suggestion, Google Maps will take into account the type of motorization of the vehicle (petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric). In a few weeks, users will be able to add this information and thus benefit from the most precise estimate possible of the expected gain in terms of fuel and energy consumption.

Selecting a more fuel-efficient and eco-responsible route in Google Maps. ©Google

Artificial intelligence at the service of ecology

Since its launch in the United States and Canada, we estimate that this feature has already reduced more than 500,000 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of removing 100,000 combustion engine cars from the road. », declares Google. With the introduction of fuel-efficient routes across Europe, the internet giant believes it can target a reduction of one million tonnes of CO2.

In 2020, road transport was the main source of CO2 emissions across the European Union (including the UK and Iceland), accounting for 26% of total CO2 emissions “reminds Google. The company explains that it has developed machine learning algorithms by combining traffic models from Google Mapsthe most common engine types by region with data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the Department…

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