S-Technologie builds its alarm systems in the actipôle

For two years, he has been working on another project to master the assembly line of wireless alarm products. Project which materializes with the creation of the company S-Technologie based in the Gujan actipôle. It is in the premises still in the process of being fitted out that the company’s products are assembled. “The first 1,000 parts are marketed to approved installers trained by the brand”, explains Benjamin Duphil, presenting the company which is also responsible for the distribution of its products.

An industrial and social project

This industrial project plans to work with all of France. It offers products that meet the needs of individuals and professionals. It relies on data protection. It is also a social and environmental project which integrates the services of an establishment or work assistance service (Esat) for conditioning. Ultimately, it should lead to job creation.

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