Samsung Galaxy S24, the first to integrate this new technology?

The new series of high-end Galaxy S23 smartphones has not even been announced yet that rumors are already reporting a new technology that would be integrated on future Galaxy S24s. These would be the first mobile phones with Wi-Fi 7.

Even though Samsung has not yet officially announced the commercialization of the Galaxy S22 successors, the Galaxy S23 series, which is expected to be presented at the very beginning of next year, the first rumor concerning the Galaxy S24 already appears. Indeed, according to the Sam Mobile site, it seems that the next flagships of the South Korean brand would be the very first smartphones to be equipped with Wi-Fi 7 technology. Remember that the Samsung Galaxy S10 was the first to offer Wi-Fi 6. The Galaxy S24 could thus follow this strategy and thus offer the best in wireless connectivity.

The Wi-Fi 7 standard is still in its infancy, although several large companies have already started working on it. Indeed, during CES 2022, in Las Vegas, MediaTek presented a Wi-Fi 7 compatible processor and Qualcomm has already announced its dedicated FastConnect 7800 chip which will also allow access to this network. Computer companies are also preparing their equipment. Wi-Fi 7 is based on the 802.11 be standard and should offer speeds around 2.4 times faster than those offered on Wi-Fi 6, which would allow up to a 40 Gbps maximum. Also, the latency should be particularly reduced for faster response from the devices that are connected. If Wi-Fi 6 has two bands, Wi-Fi adds a third, 6 GHz and offers an expansion of the bandwidth up to 320 MHz.
With Wi-Fi 7, Samsung would like to be one step ahead of the competition in order to advance additional selling points, apart from its technical characteristics which should, for the Galaxy S24 series, be of very high quality. See you in early 2024 to find out more.


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