Samsung invests in wireless charging of electric cars, a technology eagerly awaited by owners

Siemens has acquired a minority stake for 23.3 million euros in the wireless charging specialist WiTricity. The two companies will work together to push the adoption of an open and interoperable standard.

Siemens predicts that the wireless charging market will reach $2 billion in 2028 in Europe and North America alone and therefore considers this investment strategic. Through this cooperation with WiTricity, they seek “to create links to achieve the standardization of wireless charging for electric cars and light commercial vehicles”. The other objectives are to enable interoperability between vehicles and infrastructure and, of course, to expand its market and collaborate to perfect the technical development of the system.

“Combining the global weight and experience in electric car charging that Siemens has with the innovative technology of WiTricity is the first step to improving what we have to offer in the world of wireless charging”, says Markus Mildner , President of Siemens eMobility, “This will accelerate technology development, drive standardization and advance public charging infrastructure with interoperable solutions.”

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WiTricity has been pushing for market harmonization for some time now. In 2019, the company acquired the Qualcomm platform which included several licenses, including Halo technology, and signed an agreement with the German equipment manufacturer Mahle, but also Toyota, Aptiv (the new Delphi), TDK, IHI, Shindengen , Daihen, Brusa and Anjie Wireless. It has also invested in the development of Genesis, Hyundai’s premium brand.

According to Siemens, a recent study has recently shown that wireless charging is one of the most requested innovations by current and future electric car owners, more than, for example, automated parking, performance increases or audio systems. premium.

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