Samsung Montreal AI Center Opens Innovative Lab to Develop Wireless and Robotics Technologies

Led by Professor Gregory Dudek, the team will develop technologies to improve wireless communications networks using artificial intelligence (AI)

The Samsung AI Center announces the opening of a new state-of-the-art facility in downtown Montreal to house its team, which seeks to improve the quality of wireless networks as well as develop innovative robotic technology.

Established in 2018 on Sainte-Catherine Street, the Samsung Montreal AI Center recently moved into a new facility on Sherbrooke Street West, twice the size of its original lab. The center will also double the size of its team by adding 15 research scientists to apply advanced AI to telecommunications, machine learning, robotics and other multimodal interactions. Graduate students in related fields are also encouraged to hone their skills through an internship program.

Under the direction of Gregory Dudek, professor at McGill University and expert in a wide range of AI technologies such as machine learning and robotics. Its mandate will be to develop state-of-the-art cellular communications and services with optimized data access and energy efficiency. This research is based on the conclusive results of using AI to improve the quality of service of mobile networks, while demand is rapidly increasing. In addition, the team will be in charge of developing sensors for robotic systems, intended for commercial and personal use, which allow for example the cleaning of a restaurant, a kitchen, or even home storage.

The Samsung Montreal AI Center serves as a hub for collaboration with educational institutions, major universities and startups within the Montreal AI community, while helping to elevate the pool of highly skilled local talent.

“The demand for data from mobile device users has never been greater. The combination of AI and machine learning technologies will enable transformations that are essential to our daily use of mobile devices and reduce energy consumption,” said Professor Gregory Dudek, Vice President of Research at Samsung Electronics. “The strong AI ecosystem and the pool of innovative talent in the Montreal region provide a unique environment for us to reach new heights. »

The Samsung Montreal AI Center is part of a network of seven AI centers around the world, including the Samsung Research America of Silicon Valley and the AI ​​centers of Toronto. It is one of two Samsung facilities dedicated to AI in the Montreal metropolis, along with the SAIT AI Lab Montreal (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) located at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA).

“The investments and expansion of the Samsung AI Center in downtown Montreal once again confirms that our metropolis is home to a highly recognized technology hub, particularly in artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning. With its large university network, its world-renowned researchers and its pool of talent, the choice of Montreal is completely natural for these companies. We are delighted with Samsung’s contribution to the greater AI ecosystem in Montreal where the company is developing innovative and contemporary solutions,” said Luc Rabouin, member of the executive committee of the City of Montrealresponsible for economic and commercial development, knowledge, innovation and design.

Samsung benefited from the support services of Montréal International and Investissement Québec International for this expansion project.

“With more than 600 independent researchers and 14,000 students enrolled in AI-related programs, the Montreal region has one of the best talent pools in the world in the sector. By investing in a new lab in downtown Montreal, Samsung recognizes the strength of our AI ecosystem, while providing advanced students with a new opportunity to advance their careers. Professor Gregory Dudek’s research in AI and robotics is recognized around the world, and we are proud to see that this research will progress even further in Montreal,” said Stéphane Paquet, President and CEO of Montreal International.

“By choosing to open this new lab in the Montreal area, Samsung confirms that our AI ecosystem is very attractive,” said Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International. “Our experts, located here and in Asia, will continue to support the subsidiaries of foreign companies in order to facilitate their contributions to the emergence and promotion of expertise in AI, while investing in the long term in Quebec. »

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Based in Montreal, the second largest city in Canada and home to one of the fastest growing AI communities in the world, the AI ​​Center is among the AI ​​Centers located in North America, along with those in Silicon Valley and Toronto. The center conducts research on machine learning and language understanding through multimodal interactions, in collaboration with the center Samsung Research America of Silicon Valley and the AI ​​centers of Toronto. The Samsung AI Center also serves as a hub for collaboration with educational institutions, major universities and startups within the Montreal AI community, while leveraging the region’s extraordinary AI talent.

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