Secrets of the spray dress sprayed on Bella Hadid at the Coperni show

During the spring-summer 2023 fashion show with the help of Bella Hadid, the designer duo highlighted the Spray-on fabric, an innovative technology with simply revolutionary properties.

The image went around the world. At the end of the parade of the Coperni brand on Friday, September 30, the model Bella Hadid advanced, naked, on the podium where two men in black were waiting for her. And then to draw paint guns and spray on her skin a solution which becomes, under the astonished eyes of the public, a fabric dress. Behind this feat hides the Coperni duo, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, but also and above all a scientist: Manel Torres. The Catalan researcher and founder of Fabrican Limited is the father of this technology, dubbed Spray-on fabric, first revealed at a fashion show in London in 2010. A patented innovation whose appeal is not limited to its spectacular look.

Washable, reusable, recyclable, the Coperni dress highlights the Spray-on fabric. (Paris, September 30, 2022.) Imaxtree

Medical innovation

Already used in the medical field (notably for spraying dressings on severe burns) or in industry, the Spray-on fabric caught the attention of Sébastien Meyer during his research on innovations. This fabric is based on a mixture of non-woven fibers and bio-polymers (a material of organic origin), diluted in a solvent to take on a liquid form. Once in contact with the skin, these solvents evaporate, and the solution becomes fabric. The composition, appearance and color of the fabric may vary depending on the nature of the fibers sprayed. In fact, the piece it is can be worn regularly and washed. In addition, it can be dissolved and vaporized again, a revolutionary property in terms of circularity.

Show – Coperni – Ready to wear Spring-Summer 2023

Coupled with medicines to treat, insulating fibers to waterproof, used on an already existing part to repair it… The Spray-on fabric embodies a creative solution to crucial problems. This opens up an infinite field of possibilities for an entire industry, point out Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant in their press release. With this masterful spotlight, the duo passionate about new technologies raises the question of the future of textiles. And, by the way, amazes and awakens Fashion Week.


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