See flexible OLED technology in action

Foldables mature quickly and become accessible devices. The next or rather sideways step in this direction is rollables. Both form factors work through flexible or plastic OLED panels. In the case of its smartphone and rollable PC concepts, shown at the Lenovo Tech World event, the company claims to use flexible OLED technology. The brand’s Smart Devices Group President, Mr. Luca Rossi, affirms their commitment to these innovative form factors. We’ll take a look at everything he revealed in a 1 min 11 second video here.

Lenovo Rollable Smartphone and PC Proof of Concepts

In the video, we review all the cutting-edge design initiatives Lenovo has taken over the years, such as the 360° convertible laptop with the Yoga line, the ThinkPad foldable laptop, and the Moto series of phones. Razr.

Mr. Rossi then highlights the company’s deep investment in flexible OLED technology and goes on to show proof of concept examples they are currently working on.

The first thing out of his pocket is a rollable smartphone proof-of-concept.

It shows how clicking a side button expands the screen and clicking the same button retracts the thing to a smaller size than regular smartphones. Interestingly, the demo also shows the content dynamically adjusting to the changing (rolling) form factor.

Next, we are shown a rollable PC screen. We’re drawn to the possibilities this form factor could bring in terms of multitasking, browsing, and on-the-go computing experiences.

Promises and commitments aside, only time can tell how these designs pan out in the real world. We will see.

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