Seedtag announces new targeting technology for brands – Image

Seedtag, an adtech specializing in contextual advertising, has announced the launch of Custom AI, a new targeting technology for brands. The goal: to provide advertisers with fully customizable machine learning models for their campaigns, “allowing them to improve affinity targeting by 92%”, according to adtech.

The AI ​​takes a client’s brief and creates a campaign-specific machine learning model, which analyzes each URL and provides a score based on the semantic distance of that URL while matching the given brief. This score is then used to select the most relevant articles and to target the context that best matches the brief, without the loss of precision caused by the standardization process.

“At Seedtag, we developed this new technology to give our clients the key to accessing their target audiences through personalized AI. It goes beyond predefined taxonomies, as it gives brands and agencies the flexibility to craft bespoke campaigns and messages, ensuring every click is relevant. It represents a new way of doing contextual advertising and positions ‘Liz’ as the smartest contextual platform on the market, and Seedtag as the ideal partner for advertisers, offering the most advanced contextual features of the open web”, said Paul Goldbaum, CTO of Seedtag.

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