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Technologyvision 2023 : Right the technology, write the future1

The latest edition of this report headlight to technology trends empowers leaders to make transformative decisions that benefit their organization and society.

Paris, 23 January 2023 Capgemini releasede his report today TechnoVision 2023 Right technology, write the future what highlights she mainly technology trends, to help leaders respond expenditure key they ask If you make their plans focused transformations on technology. This report pleads to the catch consider from resource scarcity. VS’is too the first of its kind to be illustrated by Visuals generated byartificial intelligence.

Every company today is a technology company: technology is integrated into all aspects of business. But in 2023, the choice is greater than ever, in diverse areas such as creative/generative artificial intelligence, cloud, edge computing, Internet of Things, intelligent automation processes, metaverse, web 3.0 and even biotechnology and quantum computing. TechnoVision is a reference framework that allows executives, directors and innovation professionals to form an opinion on technological trends and make the right decisions from the point of view of business value creation, but also to a greater extent from a sustainable development or ethics perspective.

The right technological choices For a social influencepositive
Against the background of increased resource pressure (energy, water, raw materials, electronic chips, supply chain reliability, low-interest loans, skilled talent, etc.), TechnoVision 2023 calls for choosing technological solutions and innovations that not only better prepare the future of the organization, but also have concrete and positive social effects.

TechnoVision 2023 offers answers work out to agree Key Questions Managers Ask she Innovation managers and experts if you have technological choices at do in business transformation : whether one is looking resilience and fromagility, new growth opportunities, sustainability, from Frugality or doing things differently, we know this technology does Part integral the equation, » says Pascal Brier, Head of Innovation at Capgemini and member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

Developed by Capgemini’s Technology, Innovation and Ventures (TIV) Committee, TechnoVision relies on an international network of experts who study, evaluate, synthesize and deploy technological developments in various fields. The 2023 edition stays true to its vision: a reliable, accessible, relevant and practical guide to help make the right decisions and design technology-driven strategies and plans for business transformation.

Sept Trends highlighted this year :

  • The internet of digital twins : Performing various simulations of different types of objects that communicate with each other, such as B. Cars interacting on the street requires the digital twins to be connected through the right protocols, transforming the Internet of Things (“IoT”) into the Internet of Digital Twins. This network of digital twins will be key to reducing the complexity of operational challenges, easily exploring and testing alternatives, and merging virtual and real experiences.

  • No bosses : In the world of international organizations called Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), which are untouchable thanks to blockchain, the distribution of power is collective and “heterarchical”: it is about cooperation without subordination to a central power that only focuses on value creation and achieving common goals. DAOs enable unique lightweight yet robust governance models that leverage a group of dedicated contributors driven by shared values.

  • net data O : Data is key to achieving climate goals, but it must itself be sustainable: the hunt for useless data is on. To do this, companies need to acquire the skills, tools and culture needed to measure, predict and act on their emissions across their entire value chain. Collaborating with their ecosystem across their value chain is essential to get reliable data, especially Scope 3 data. Above all, it is about intelligently selecting the data that is really useful and recognizing that “big data” is not always the best data are.

  • Small green app : The development of applications must use less resources and energy, but also maximize their performance. Software is not itself responsible for its power consumption or harmful emissions. The problem lies in how the software is developed and how it is used.

  • my cloud me : Industry-, domain- or region-specific clouds combine everything an organization needs for its own activities, perfectly packaged in the form of data, solutions and infrastructure services, ready for use and yet adaptable. When deployed incrementally, industry clouds offer many benefits in terms of time to market, cost and resource optimization, accelerated growth and regulatory compliance, while accumulating best practices and fostering collaboration between industry partners.

  • creative machine : The recent breakthrough in generative AI models offers exciting new ways to address the skills shortage, even for creative or knowledge-intensive work. However, to take full advantage of these spectacular advances in AI, it is imperative to reconsider its ethical dimension.

  • Do well, do less, do it better : Not everything that is technically possible is socially desirable. As tempting as some business and technology initiatives may seem, many of them require significant energy, time, and scarce natural resources. Consider the overall social, ethical, and environmental impacts of these initiatives and look for technologies that make a positive contribution to societal goals.

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1 The right technologies to write the future


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