SHFV virus: close to Ebola and HIV, what is this virus?

A deadly new virus strongly resembling Ebola is about to spread to humans, according to a study published on September 30. This disease would greatly worry scientists.

After Covid-19 which plunged the world into an unprecedented situation, then monkeypox, a new virus is about to be transmitted to humans. Called the simian hemorrhagic fever virus (SHFV), it is currently considered a critical threat to monkeys.

Although no human infections have been reported to date, the disease has scientists worried, according to a study from the University of Colorado at Boulder, published Sept. 30 in the journal Cell.

The study reveals that this virus can cause a serious illness, with fatal symptoms, very similar to that of Ebola or HIV. Symptoms include headaches, high fever, fatigue and muscle aches. Moreover, this dangerous virus would be “on the verge of spreading” to humans.

Objective: to avoid global catastrophe

The author of the study, Sara L. Sawyer, professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology at the University of Colorado, provided details on the nature of the disease, reported by Nice-Matin: “This animal virus discovered how to access human cells, multiply and evade some important immune mechanisms that we expect to protect us from an animal virus. It’s pretty rare.”

It is therefore a worrying new virus to which “we should pay attention”, added the scientist, before continuing: “Covid is only the latest event in a long series of transmissions from animal to man, some of which have resulted in global catastrophes”.

However, Sara L. Sawyer remains optimistic: “We hope that by raising awareness of the viruses we need to watch out for, we can get ahead of the game, so that if human infections start to occur, we will be on the fast track. the shot”.

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