Shufersal opens Israel’s first shop-and-go grocery store in Tel Aviv

After Great Britain, Germany, the United States and the Netherlands, Israel is setting up its first “shop-and-go” grocery store in Tel Aviv, without cash registers, thanks to the technology of “contactless” purchase developed by the Israeli company Trigo.

Israel’s largest supermarket chain, Shufersal, has been testing Trigo’s technology for several years and on Thursday announced the opening of its first automated supermarket on Mendele Street in central Tel Aviv, where customers can enter, choose their items and go out without having to queue at the checkout or even having to go through the automatic checkouts. Payments and receipts are settled digitally.

To do this, Trigo applies its proprietary algorithms to cameras placed on the ceiling which can then automatically and in real time follow the movements of customers and their product choices in the store.

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Trigo’s cashless shopping technology is already operational in a Tesco grocery store in London, REWE stores in Berlin and Cologne, a Netto City store in Munich and an Aldi Nord in the central Netherlands city of Utrecht. Down. The company made its first foray into the United States earlier this year with a pilot project at a Wakefern store in New Jersey. Wakefern Food Corp is the largest retailer-owned American food cooperative in the United States.

Tesco, REWE and Aldi Nord are grocery heavyweights in the UK and Europe. Aldi Nord, a division of German supermarket chain Aldi, is considered the continent’s largest grocery retailer and also operates Trader Joe’s markets in the United States.

But the Shufersal store in Tel Aviv, run by Trigo, stands out because it “contains more goods per square meter than any other store run by Trigo,” said Michael Gabay, co-founder and CEO of Trigo, in a statement. company statement.

The new Shufersal Express “Shop&Go” automated store, equipped with Trigo’s cashless technology, in Tel Aviv. (Credit: Trigo)

The 100 m2 Shufersal Express Shop&Go store “is unique in the field of stand-alone stores offering a wide range of products; it will offer its customers a ‘contactless shopping’ experience that has never been seen before in Israel,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post following the announcement.

Shufersal, he added in the statement, “was the first company to believe in our vision and played a key role in the evolution of our product.”

Supermarket and retail giants around the world are scrambling to deliver new experiences and conveniences to consumers – through so-called “contactless shopping” – amid fierce competition, high margins in the grocery sector, supply chain management issues, and Amazon’s continued expansion into grocery retail.

Amazon offers its ‘Go’ and ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping experiences at more than 30 physical ‘Amazon Go’ and ‘Amazon Fresh’ locations in the US and UK, where customers walk in and out with their purchases , without going through the checkout.

But while the retail giant has to build bespoke stores for its technology, Trigo works with retailers that already have the infrastructure in place, which is an advantage for the Israeli company.

A customer at a REWE store that has been equipped with Trigo’s checkout-less grab-and-go technology in Cologne, Germany. (Credit: REWE/Kai Schulz)

Trigo specializes in retrofitting existing spaces, allowing retailers to retain their unique character and layout while transforming them into fully self-contained digital stores.

“Physical retail is the only space where traditional businesses can take on Amazon and win. The chains we work with have thousands of existing stores, Amazon needs to build new stores,” said Trigo CEO Michael Gabay, who founded the company in 2018 with his brother Daniel.

Shufersal also faces increasing competition with the entry of French supermarket chain Carrefour, Dutch-owned international supermarket chain SPAR and 7-Eleven in Israel in the coming years.

Carrefour and 7-Eleven are expected to open hundreds of stores between them in the next few years.

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