Singer Pink explains why she doesn’t allow her 10-year-old daughter to have a cellphone

In 2006, the famous singer Pink married Carey Hart. Together they have 2 children, Willow Sage, 11, and Jameson Moon, 5. In February 2022, Pink did an interview on The Today Show to talk about technology and why she doesn’t allow her daughter to have a cellphone.

Pink’s stance on technology

Pink told Carson Daly, “There’s also a light side and a dark side to technology in general for adults.

For children, I’m not there yet. I have a 10 year old daughter who doesn’t have a phone, although she remarked to me yesterday, “You know, most of the kids in my class have a phone.” I do not care. It won’t make me change my mind. Although Pink recognizes some advantages, she doesn’t want Willow to have her own phone.

Pink recognizes some benefits

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Pink explained that she wasn’t totally anti-tech, saying, “We can’t be dinosaurs as parents, we kind of have to accept that.” So she teamed up with a wellness app called “Calm.”

The app is designed to help users sleep better, relax, and meditate. Pink adds, “I’ve been using Calm for years and it’s how I fall asleep, so when I heard they were doing a Calm Kids, I was like, ‘I want to do this. I want to read stories to children. »

The dangers of technology


The arrival of cell phones has sparked much debate. We are concerned about the impact they can have on the brains of our children. Many psychologists and doctors advise against screens for young children and limiting time for older children.

Michael Cheng, child psychiatrist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, explains, “Here at CHEO, we are seeing an increase in children and youth with mental health issues and when we dig deeper to find out why more and more children are having mental health problems, we find that they have these problems because they are too connected to technology. »

Additionally, they have unrestricted access to dangerous or inappropriate information and may be exposed to predators or cyberbullying. In addition, their sleep is disturbed and they have trouble processing new information at school.

Benefits of technology

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However, there are also advantages to children having a cell phone. These benefits generally apply to older children. It is very practical to stay in touch with your children, it facilitates communication.

Additionally, children who participate in extracurricular activities may also need to stay in touch with their teammates or coaches. Sometimes times or locations change and the most effective method of relaying those changes is a quick phone call or message.

Finally, security is a major benefit of having a phone. Older children and teenagers have a lot more freedom, and with that freedom comes responsibility. Therefore, they may need to call you if they have a problem.

It is unclear if Pink has given in to her daughter since.

Regardless, Pink has openly expressed that she feels the pressures of motherhood. She told People Magazine earlier this year, “I cry a lot in my closet. Here’s the thing about when you don’t have boundaries in your house: I’ll get in the shower and have a loud conversation with myself and I’ll turn around and Willow just stood there looking at me the whole time. »

Before adding with humor: “We really need more locks in this house. I try to explain to my children that going to the bathroom is not an invitation to a family reunion. »

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