Slim and toned silhouette without depriving yourself: what are the fat-burning fruits to consume without moderation until the end of summer?

Fruit is a summer must. The sun-heat combo gives them an inimitable maturity, flavor and taste. Now is the time to enjoy it from breakfast to dinner for dessert for a healthy glow, of course, but also (especially?) for a more toned silhouette! Yes, if fruits have long had a bad press for their high sugar content, some are less affected by this sweetness and would even be qualified as fat burners. Yes, yes, among the anthology of red, green, yellow fruits, from Provence and elsewhere that we have tasted, there are some that have contributed to our flat stomach and more than we think. We list 9 fruits known for their delicacies and which deserve to be known for their slimming asset as a bonus!

You adore some of them and ignore others… On your end-of-summer menus!

Here they are !

  • Apple
  • The melon
  • The watermelon
  • The strawberry
  • pineapple
  • raspberry
  • The lemon
  • orange
  • apricot

Raw, in pressed juice, compote or light jam… Integrate these seasonal fruits as much as possible into your back-to-school food routine. But this is not enough ! It must also compensate for your cursed cravings for recovery and other nibbling that bloat our stomachs. Bye bye cupcakes at 11am, we bite into an apricot and eat a strawberry compote. In the morning, we start with lemon water on an empty stomach or infused with red fruits! Bet on a seasonal fruit salad for your dessert lunch, but no more cane sugar or maple syrup!

These fruits have the advantage of promoting intestinal transit because they are mostly waterlogged. In addition, these are vitamin concentrates that help strengthen our weakened immune system with the end of summer and as for the minerals and amino acids they contain, they are real energy and morale boosters.

No more swollen and bloated belly with these ultra tasty gourmet fruits! Be careful, if you continue your bad guys on the side, you will not be able to claim the abs of our super fashionable tops and if you heresy decide to go on a fruit diet, beware of deficiencies and depression. As they say, excess is never good, ever!

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