SNCF is testing a new technology to save energy

Faced with rising gas and electricity costs, businesses in Tours are looking for ways to save money as the state prepares to present its energy sobriety plan on Thursday 6 October. This is particularly the case of the SNCF which, in Ariège, is experimenting with a new “start & stop” technology. As indicated by France 3 which relates the information on October 4, this innovative system makes it possible to disconnect the small stations in period without traffic.

Clearly, it is for the SNCF to automatically cut off the supply of the line when it does not circulate any train. A common situation in rural departments such as Ariège. “This technological innovation tested in Ariège can only be used on lines with low traffic density. Turning off the power to a station is not as simple as pressing a switch”, indicates SNCF Réseau.


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Savings of 40 to 50 megawatt hours per year for a rural station

For the Saverdun station alone, located between Toulouse and Latour-de-Carol, the device will save 40 to 50 megawatt hours per year, which is the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 10 French households. “Another advantage of this system: to reduce the noise pollution generated by our substations” specifies SNCF Réseau. The device will be tested for 6 months. If it is conclusive, it will be deployed on a maximum of lines with low traffic density by 2023.


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