Sony introduces the world’s first live, real-time broadcasting technology with 360° spatial sound

Sony announced that it has developed for the first time worldwide, Real-time live streaming technology with full object-based spatial audio. Sony has also expanded support for its “360 Reality Audio” technology, a music experience that immerses the user in a three-dimensional sound field.

Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound technology enables real-time streaming of three-dimensional sound and video with “360 Reality Audio”, allowing customers to enjoy a live show or concert without being there.

  • 360 Reality Audio Spatial Sound technology leverages Sony’s object-based spatial sound technology to simulate a live event
  • 360 Audio Reality enables musicians to create a 360 degree musical experience by mapping vocals, backing vocals and instruments with positional information
  • When listeners listen to the generated content, they can enjoy music that surrounds them with sound as intended

“360 Reality Audio” for artists and sound engineers

360 Reality Audio improved the production environment and produced a real-time encoder for artists and sound engineers. Sound engineers place vocals, guitars and drums in a spherical environment to create music that seems to come from everything around you.

Sony has developed a real-time creation tool “360 Reality Audio” for audio professionals. In addition, engineers can use this tool to freely position sound sources and create three-dimensional sound.

According to the company, in order to transport the music to the server and stream it to the users, the audio data including location information is compressed once, but it takes time before the sound quality is preserved. Sony has developed a method of processing real audio for live broadcasting. With 360 Reality Audio’s object-based spatial audio technology, the amount of information (bitrate) delivered to each sound source (object) is automatically optimized without sacrificing listening quality. It enables real-time video distribution by briefly compressing the audio data.

And for the viewers?

In cooperation with the American software company Streamsoft Inc, Sony has created 360 Reality Audio Live, an application that allows users to stream 360 Reality Audio in real time.

  • By using this application and their own headphones, users can enjoy the new live entertainment
  • The real-time chat feature of this app allows artists and viewers to communicate in real-time, creating a sense of togetherness online as if they were there at the event
  • The application is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android
  • It is compatible with helmets from all manufacturers and can be enjoyed together
  • Users can enjoy a more realistic experience using the dedicated apps personal enhancement function while using 360 Reality Audio certified headphones offered by Sony or Audio-Technica
  • With Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 5 IV, users can enjoy an immersive live experience with headphones and built-in speakers

The first online live event “360 Reality Audio”.

The first live event to be streamed in real-time with 360 Reality Audio is artist Hikaru Utada’s online performance 40 Dai-Wa-Iroiro, which will take place worldwide on January 19, 2023 starting at 9 p.m. Japan time .

Admission is free for the first 10,000 visitors. For more informations, Visit the official website.

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