soon all replaced by humanoid robots?



Article written by La Mornais, A.Filippi, T.Donzel, Z.Boughzou – France 2

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In 2022, where are we really in research around humanoid robots? Announcements have multiplied from companies at the forefront of artificial intelligence, and progress has appeared, sometimes even spectacular. However, it is clear that the challenge still remains immense. Investigation.

As usual, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, chose a futuristic show to introduce his new revolution, Optimus, an android robot. “It represents a future of abundance, a future where there will be no poverty”, he assured. Many historians and economists believe that machines did not in themselves eradicate poverty, which is rather a problem of the distribution of wealth. The presentation of Optimus did not convince, several specialists judging that nothing here is avant-garde technology. Tesla stock fell 8%.

For years, robots from Boston Dynamics, in particular, have left people speechless. The latest model in their Atlas range has a disconcerting agility. Robotics specialists do not oppose the two approaches. Christian Hubicki, professor of robotics at the University of Florida (United States), recalls in particular that Boston Dynamics robots are not intended to be mass produced, “at an affordable price”. Elon Musk has meanwhile assured that he wants to produce millions of units within five years, at a price of around 20,000 euros. The market is huge, especially for home-based humanoids.

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