soon, you will know the ecological impact of your e-mails

Every year, internet giants make new announcements aimed at reducing the impact of their activities on the planet. As far as Google is concerned, it has already been offsetting its emissions since 2007 and its objective is to become “the first major company to operate without carbon”by 2030.

In the meantime, the firm is helping customers of its cloud services measure the impact they have on the planet when they use those services. So in 2021, Google launched a Google Cloud feature that helps businesses measure the raw carbon emissions associated with using the Mountain View firm’s cloud.

Google Workspace will show your carbon emissions associated with using the productivity suite

And this week, at the “Cloud Sustainability Summit” event, Google is announcing the extension of this feature to its Workspace productivity suite, which will allow more users to access emissions data. carbon.

“We are excited to launch Carbon Footprint for Google Workspace early next year, providing similar reporting functionality for emissions associated with products such as Gmail, Meet, Docs and others”says Justin Keble Managing Director of Global Sustainability at Google Cloud.

This is part of a series of announcements made by Google with the aim of reducing its emissions, but also to help companies using its products to participate in this effort.

Google is also delighted that more and more people want to reduce their impact on the planet. In fact, in the United States, over the past 10 years, queries on the search engine about how to reduce your carbon footprint have increased by 460%.

“Everyone wants to better understand how to become more sustainable and take action that has a meaningful impact. This year in the United States, “how to reduce my carbon footprint” is being researched more than ever, and searches for “what is greenwashing” have increased fivefold over the past decade. Businesses and individuals are wondering how to turn sustainability ambition into action”explains Justin Keble.

With actions such as sharing data on emissions associated with their emails, their video meetings or their documents on Google Docs, Google can help Internet users, and in particular in the corporate world, to adopt more durable.

Ecology: Google also offers useful features when traveling

Note also that recently, Google has also launched a lot of features to help people reduce their emissions in transport. For example, the firm recently launched a Google Maps feature in Europe that tells users which route consumes the least fuel.

In 2021, Google Flight also launched a feature on its flight comparator that allows you to choose the option that emits the least carbon. ” […] you’ll see an estimate of carbon emissions for almost every flight in the search results, right next to the price and duration of the flight. So when choosing between flights of similar cost or schedule, you can factor carbon emissions into your decision as well.”explained Richard Holden, Google’s head of travel products.

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