State-of-the-art industrial sheet metal work

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Can you introduce Combedimanche?

Family and independent company founded in 1984 in the town of Toulaud, in Ardèche, Combedimanche is an SME whose historical activity, industrial sheet metal, is installed on a site of 3 hectares, with 10,000 m² of buildings. We provide solutions adapted to the multiple needs and projects of our customers in industrial subcontracting whether it is laser cutting of sheets, tubes and profiles, punching, paneling, bending and rolling of sheets. From the single part to the medium series, from the locksmith or large group, we work in close collaboration with the principals from various sectors of activity: building, industry, nuclear, oil and gas industries, energy, agricultural machinery, construction equipment… The Combedimanche sheet metal works employs around fifty people and generates around 10 million euros in turnover.

How do we last in time?

The group’s growth is closely linked to its policy of investment and technological innovation. Since its creation, Combedimanche has regularly invested a large part of its turnover in improving its machine park, which today includes, in addition to standard machines, oversized machines, some of which are unique in France, such as a press brake 1,000 tons of 7-meter latest generation, laser cutting on a tube with a diameter of 610 mm and a maximum length of 18 m, large-size punching with an active die. The performance of our machines and our historical know-how in design and production thus enable a small SME like ours to work on large-scale projects such as the Monaco offshore extension site or greater Paris.

You have also diversified…

We have indeed developed a Design entity, Art Création Laser, to offer design and decorative solutions to the metal parts of our customers (façade cladding, display, street furniture, etc.). In 1996, we also created the company CBS REMORQUES which produces 3,000 trailers per year, ranging up to 3.5 tons of total loaded weight, for the European markets, the DOM TOM and Africa. Our products consist of a “leisure” range (boat trailers, jet-skis, quads and motorcycles, luggage carriers, but also special trailers, such as ULM carriers or water ski boats, etc.), as well as a ” professional” (platform for buggies, quads, SSVs, utility trailers, tippers, mini-diggers and rollers) . We also offer the possibility of custom-made.

These own product ranges allow us to have a broader vision of the market and to strengthen our expertise in our historical business to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What are your projects ?

Always attracted by the international market, wanting to make our contribution to the development of Africa, and wishing to diversify our markets, we have chosen to establish ourselves in Senegal. Africa is the continent of tomorrow, since it will have one in four humans by 2050 and has the highest economic growth rate (along with Asia) recorded in the world for a decade. Thus, we opened a factory dedicated to industrial sheet metal work and the manufacture of parts for trailers.

African countries are young, dynamic and in the process of accelerated transformation.

Our subsidiary is located on a 4-hectare site near Dakar airport. We have already installed the first laser cutting machine in the country there, we offer our products and are developing others adapted to this new market.

This establishment will allow us to depend less on the French market, while amortizing our heavy investments on our Toulaud site. It should also enable us to cross the threshold of internationalization by offering us new outlets. We also strongly believe in the social aspect of this project. Our Senegalese employees, decently paid, trained in European working methods, equipped with PPE and working in an industrial sheet metal workshop that complies with European standards, benefit from a canteen and can sleep on site.

From the outset, we wanted to involve local teams in this project.

Starting from the premise that we are always stronger together rather than alone, we help other companies to work on this African market, by giving them the benefit of our knowledge of the Senegalese market.

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