state-of-the-art schools in this wilaya

Education – While most schools in Algeria do not have the latest processes in their classrooms, this wilaya of the country creates the exception that some schools are at the cutting edge technology.

With the advent of technology in the classroom all over the world, and more and more options for teachers and administrators, the question must be asked: why do Algerian schools not have these technologies? You have to believe that things are starting to move. Knowing that at the level of the wilaya of Tissemsilt in Algeria, 12 schools are equipped with advanced equipment.

Incorporating technology into school classrooms, labs, lecture halls and auditoriums is all about getting modern equipment. It also helps support learning and teaching initiatives. Indeed, there are many types of technology used in the classroom that you may encounter in today’s modern school.

Including whiteboards, interactive flat screens, computers, tablets, projectors, televisions, 3D printing, software and applications. All these latest technologies play a very important role in the effectiveness of Digital in the learning environment.

Education Algeria: interactive whiteboards and digital tablets in these schools

At the level of Tissemsilt, the director of the department of Education of the wilaya declares that several establishments have equipped themselves with the latest technologies. He explains that 12 schools in the primary cycle, more specifically, should be equipped with interactive whiteboards and digital tablets. It’s about what the media reports Echorouk.

In addition, it should be recalled that the Ministry of National Education is preparing for the start of the school year. This will take place on September 21, 2022. And as planned, the English language will be integrated into the program for 3rd year primary students. This from this next school year. Students will therefore be entitled to 90-minute lessons per week.

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