storage technology will be the priority in the coming years (IRENA)

(Ecofin Agency) – In South Africa and Malawi, the Norwegian company Scatec recently got involved in two renewable energy projects with large storage capacities.

The Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency, Mr Francesco La Camera (pictured), told Daily News Egypt (DNE) that storage technology will be a priority in the coming period to ensure the flexibility and balance of renewable energy systems.

The Camera explained that renewable energy is intermittent and variable, hence the challenge of innovating and finding solutions for greater storage capacities. He thus indicated that the interconnection of networks in the countries makes the network more flexible and balanced for storage.

In addition, IRENA will present an integrated analysis and report on what is happening around the world to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 at COP27. “When we talk about projects, our initiative comes with a climate investment platform and funding for the renewable energy transition accelerator that will have an important role in COP27.. “said Mr. La Camera.

Energy storage represents a major challenge particularly for the energy market in Africa. Indeed, the least electrified continent in the world is increasingly relying on its abundant renewable resources to improve access to electricity. These resources cannot permanently supply electricity without effective storage solutions.

Abdullah Diop


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