Strange Connection By Chrome When Browsing Images On Google


I was looking for the elden ring logo on google images, using the search term “elden ring logo” and one of the top results is the title image which is on the actual website. It’s the title text on a blank background, titled ELDEN RING Official Site, and the URL under the image is Now I checked the actual link, and it’s the correct site, and the name of the image matches the one hosted on the actual webpage, and I uploaded the file to Virustotal and they didn’t been achieved.

However, clicking on the image to bring up the Google Images popup does establish a connection to, which appears to be directly related to the loading of the higher quality image in the pop-up, because clearing cache and trying again reproduces this connection. This caught my eye because this connection is not made to the actual site the image is on, which you can navigate directly to, and searching for it doesn’t seem to have a stellar reputation. Also, if I go to the site itself, that connection is not made.

Is anyone else able to reproduce this, and if so, what do you think? Just a CDN, or something else?


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