Swiss company Roche Pharma establishes global center of excellence in technology and analytics in Hyderabad

Roche Pharma, based in Switzerland, has established a state-of-the-art Global Analytics and Technology Center of Excellence (GATE) in Hyderabad, the second in India. President and CEO of Roche Pharma India, V Simpson Emmanuel, met with Telangana IT and Industries Minister, KT Rama Rao on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister KTR said Roche Pharma was proud to have chosen Hyderabad to establish its Global Capability Centers.

Also present were Principal Secretary for IT and Industries, Jayesh Ranjan, and Shakthi M Nagappan, Director of Life Sciences, Government of Telangana.

Minister KTR spoke about Hyderabad’s vibrant ecosystem when he met Roche Chairman Christoph Franz during the World Economic Forum in 2020 and this year in May.

Minister Telangana said Hyderabad is the preferred location for global capability and innovation hubs as it has one of the best state-supported business ecosystems in the country and offers a distinctive combination of a breeding ground of highly skilled, cutting-edge talent and the highest quality of life in the nation.

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Roche Pharma India CEO Emmanuel said centers like GATE would also benefit the country by creating a knowledge base in emerging fields of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Large volumes of unstructured data are produced today. They must be analyzed to obtain actionable information. GATE assists Roche in project management throughout the product lifecycle, including preclinical, launch, growth, maturity and decline. GATE also helps to better retain intellectual property, optimizing costs without compromising quality while building strong expertise in the talent pool,” he said.

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