Apple Glass: Better ergonomics than competitors thanks to this technology

Apple has obtained a new patent for finger sensors that will be used for its mixed reality headsets. Revealed by Patently Apple, the patent details a different personalized device that extends to the user’s fingers. The potential for such a device could enable 3D air gestures and wireless controls, which would be far more dramatic … Read more

Meta has sights on eye-tracking technology without cameras

Meta has not yet found the technological martingale for its mixed reality glasses, and it is not for lack of multiplying the prototypes. To get closer, we must continue to invest heavily and take out the checkbook to buy start-ups and their promising gray matter. Image: AdHawk Microsystems. This is why Meta would have the … Read more

Google will test a prototype of augmented reality glasses in the real world

After the monumental flop of the Glass frame, Google is trying its luck again in the consumer augmented reality sector with a new experiment. Starting in August, hand-picked Googlers and testers will indeed roam the real world (only in the United States, so is it really the real world, one wonders) with on the nose … Read more

Why We Might Have Digital Twins In The Years To Come

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (Facebook), is facing his hologram avatar of the metaverse, a world built by Meta. Atlantico: With the development of new technologies and with the Meta (Facebook) projects, the virtual universes of tomorrow could make it possible to have a digital twin. What does this technology consist of today, in its … Read more